About Us

Driving Impressions - (dba  OMP USA)
Driving Impressions Incorporated has been around since 1983. It started out as an automotive accessory boutique in a mall which became a chain of stores in malls around New Jersey. But who wants to sell floor mats when you could be selling driving suits to the likes of John Andretti and Wayne Taylor? Our relationship with OMP has really given us our niche - exclusive American rights to an absolute top-end line of products. Now all we have to do is keep up with the demand (yipes!). Our continuing mission is to educate racers on the advantages of high-quality safety equipment. We have to make people realize that spending more than the bare minimum on their safety equipment will make them more comfortable in the car, resulting in clearer thinking and faster lap times!

Robert Zecca - President
Bob started Driving Impressions with a dream and not much else. Now he sits back in his Recaro Executive chair and marvels at how far he's come, and how is he ever going to keep up with next month's orders?! He used to race an ITA Toyota MR2, competing in the IMSA Firehawk series, hence his passion for the business. Now he drives his Ferrari, flies planes and coaches his kid's soccer team. "Bob travels the world while 'checking out new products'. We don't really know what he is doing on these trips. Crime Lord of the World, he fronts his organization with fancy driving suits and helmets." - Aaron Shilling

Brent Rivenburgh - Marketing 
Brent joined Driving Impressions in 2001. He has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia and 5 years of sales, marketing and management experience since then. Cars and auto racing have been Brent's passion ever since he was 5 years old marking up his parents' furniture with his Matchbox cars. Brent is also our resident American Muscle Car fanatic. This obsession (as his wife calls it) is currently in the form of this 1972 Olds Cutlass S pictured here. "Brent cold-calls and generally harasses unsuspecting customers. He secretly switches around and mis-labels products in my warehouse." - Aaron Shilling

Lisa Knoble - Art & Design   
Lisa joined Driving Impressions in the summer of 2001. Sporting her hopped-up Hyundai Tiburon, Lisa was drawn to New Jersey from her home in upstate New York by the import drag racing scene. With an associates degree in Graphic Design and Computer Graphics, she is a welcome addition to the company, applying her talents to the website, printing and advertising projects.  "Lisa is an angel sent by God to protect me from Bob. I know, God told me." - Aaron Shilling

Aaron Shilling - Warehouse 
Aaron started at Driving impressions in 2000 on the recommendation of his racing buddy Gregg. Now he spends most of his time in the warehouse racing to get all the orders out the door. Aaron started autocrossing in 1990, was a mechanic at the Jim Russell Racing School in Canada in 1993 and has been hooked ever since. In 1995 he won the SCCA SSB Regional Championship in his venerable Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo. When he's not at work you can usually find him at the track, or figuring out how he can afford to go to the track. "Aaron 'forgets' shipments and schemes ways to drive me mad. He has told me his mission in life (as God told him) is to some day drive his Mirage Turbo on the track just in front of the pack on the opening lap of the Monaco Grand Prix." - Gregg Markarian

The Warehouse
Driving Impressions is located in a 6000 sq. ft. combination warehouse/office space in the Hamilton Business Park in Dover, New Jersey.

d/b/a/ OMP USA

5-B Hamilton Business Park, 85 Franklin Road
Dover, New Jersey 07801
800.275.4667, 973.361.0508, 973.361.5204 fax
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