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MQ1 Helmet

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Here we have helmets for auto racing and karting, 3-layer Nomex racing suits, Nomex shoes, road gloves and Nomex racing gloves. Also we have safety accessories such as helmet bags, Nomex balaclavas, and arm restraints.
> Helmets come three ways: full-face, full-face without shield and open-face.

> Most helmets are fiberglass. The more expensive ones use materials like carbon fiber and kevlar to make them lighter – causing less neck fatigue.

> Correct helmet fit is critical. A helmet should be as snug as possible without giving you a headache.
> Features to look for in a suit include Nomex III or Nomex Delta C fabric, sewn together with Nomex or Kevlar thread, Nomex zippers, double-sewn ‘serged’ seams and knit panels for ventilation.

> A good three-layer suit is usually lighter than heavy two-layer suits.

> Most burns occur NOT from direct contact with flame, but from the heat.
> Racing shoes should feel like a slipper – light, sleek and communicative.

> They come hi-top, mid-height, or lo-top.

> A full Nomex interior is nice, but not too much padding as this will reduce sensitivity.

> Good shoes have a sole that is thin but stiff.
Fresh Air Systems
> Gloves should be snug but comfortable when making a fist.

> Features to look for include two-layers of Nomex and Nomex under the palm.

> You might want padding across the knuckles if they scrape the bodywork when you shift. Or you might also want a padded palm to prevent blisters from a vibrating wheel.
> Head socks (balaclavas) are usually required if you have a beard or mustache.

> Nomex underwear is usually required if you are not wearing a 3-layer suit.

> A helmet support is a must. This loose-fitting neck brace prevents the helmet from over extending and breaking your neck in an accident.
> A recognized supplier to all types of racing venues, Fresh Air Systems Technologies has developed, over the past 20 years, the art of airflow and cooling to a racing helmet with products and services specific to all driver requirements.
Here in Miscellaneous, you'll find generic helmet tearoffs, timers, video camera mounts, etc.